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Mobile high pressure cleaner parts cleaning method

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Mobile high pressure cleaner parts dirt oil grease, rust and other main mixture of clay, can use alkaline cleaning fluid to clean, electrochemical cleaning, also can use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special category of cleaning cleaning, industrial cleaning.

1. Using alkaline cleaning fluid to clean

Alkaline cleaning fluid chemical cleaning process for: install hang - alkali cleaning - water (50-900 - c) hot water - dry (clean hot air blow dry, tight spare parts, after compressed air blow dry, also need to be in 105-1150 - c electric drum wind drying oven, bake for 10 min.

2. Using electrochemical cleaning of alkaline cleaning fluid
Alkaline solution of electrochemical cleaning should pay attention to the following points: unfavorable surface cleaning part thicker oil, the oil is required for a thicker using other methods to pre cleaning; General steel should be cleaned on the cathode, then at the anode, for spring, thin-walled steel parts, such as ultra-high strength steel can't on the cathode cleaning (to avoid hydrogen permeability material, produce hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon). To the materials such as copper, zinc, nickel parts not on the anode cleaning (avoid materials surface oxidation); Quantitative analysis of electrolyte on a regular basis, according to the analysis results are complementary medicine. Electrochemical cleaning in mechanical repair, usually for parts should be clean before the plating repair and electroplating again.