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The commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machine alkaline detergent ingredients

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The main components of the commonly used ultrasonic cleaning machine base lotion is sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate, sodium silicate, borate, the alkali or alkali salt, etc. Is usually alkaline detergent containing a mixture of two or more components. Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate is cheap show strong alkaline substances. Sodium pyrophosphate and sodium tripolyphosphate phosphate play a number of roles in alkaline cleaning is not only the source of the alkaline, also plays a chelating calcium and magnesium ions, the effect of softening hard water, still can make oil dispersants, and buffer solution pH value, make the solution of alkaline significant not mutations in the cleaning process. Show alkaline silicate not only make the solution, and can make the dirt particles suspended, silicate form of colloid film has protective aluminum, zinc and other metals from corrosion of sexes. Borate is similar to silicate, is both the source of alkaline buffer reagents and can provide protection make them mian, metal trough alkali corrosion. Usually in alkali lotion contains EDTA, citric acid, triethanolamine and sodium metal chelating agent and ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol monoethyl ether and other organic additives, they have helped improve the cleaning effect of alkaline agent. Also add a small amount of surfactant in alkaline detergent usually help the effect of emulsifying, wetting and dispersing oil dirties.
Due to steel relatively strong alkali resistance, strong alkaline solution degreasing, available in the non-ferrous metal copper and its alloy has good alkali resistance, alkali resistance of other non-ferrous metal weaker, especially the aluminum so it can't use sodium hydroxide such strong alkali degreasing, due to the sodium metasilicate of non-ferrous metal surface corrosion effect, so the use of nonferrous metals degrease alkaline detergent used in silicate as the main component, in order to increase degreasing ability to join surfactants used in general.
Use of alkaline detergent cleaning becomes simple and fast.